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US-7131084-B2: Method, apparatus and computer program product for implementing automated detection excess aggressor shape capacitance coupling in printed circuit board layouts patent, US-7232170-B2: Side opening cargo rack patent, US-7375715-B2: Active matrix type display device patent, US-7739295-B1: Method and system for identifying information relevant to content patent, US-7788457-B2: Method of controlling storage device controlling apparatus, and storage device controlling apparatus patent, US-8302341-B2: Stress induced crystallographic phase transformation and texturing in tubular products made of cobalt and cobalt alloys patent, US-6754295-B1: Method and apparatus for synchronizing data transmission and reception over a network patent, US-6976466-B2: Cylinder block and crankcase for a liquid-cooled internal-combustion engine patent, US-7114425-B2: Fine-adjustment mechanism to preset a miter saw for precision miter cuts patent, US-7530267-B2: Flow rate measuring apparatus patent, US-7800443-B2: Circuit arrangement for providing an analog signal, and electronic apparatus patent, US-7933234-B2: Guide apparatus, guide system, and guide method patent, US-8467377-B2: Interleaving VoIP/VIP transmission in multiple sessions to increase quality of service in mobile devices having multiple interfaces patent, US-8474429-B2: Method and apparatus for starting an internal combustion engine patent, US-6741424-B1: Head suspension with rail and stiffener combination patent, US-6780189-B2: Surgical instrument with a collet locking and indexing system patent, US-7184822-B2: Animal health care system patent, US-7297695-B2: Pyrrolotriazine compounds as kinase inhibitors patent, US-7567229-B2: Electro-optical device, method of driving electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus patent, US-7588788-B2: Immune modulation and anti-allergy activities of Zingiber zerumbet patent, US-7667669-B2: Vehicle display device having a wireless transmitter patent, US-7710090-B1: Series regulator with fold-back over current protection circuit patent, US-8180806-B2: Mechanism for supporting indexed tagged content in a general purpose data store patent, US-8513616-B2: Radiographic imaging device and a detector for a radiographic imaging device patent, US-6863267-B2: Gas-liquid contacting tray patent, US-7958386-B2: Method and apparatus for providing a reliable fault management for a network patent, US-8244808-B2: Integrated network and application session establishment patent, US-6743450-B2: Extraction of sterols from cocoa hulls patent, US-6956891-B2: Method and apparatus for non-linear code-division multiple access technology patent, US-7023463-B2: Method and apparatus for printing images from digital image data patent, US-7302944-B2: Barrel and ball sizer for paint-ball gun patent, US-7516371-B2: ECC control apparatus patent, US-7689567-B2: Error handling for intermittently connected mobile applications patent, US-7877611-B2: Method and apparatus for reducing on-line fraud using personal digital identification patent, US-8205090-B2: Secure recovery in a serverless distributed file system patent, US-8479981-B2: Multi application smartcard with currency exchange, location, tracking and personal identification capabilities patent, US-6930758-B2: Projection exposure system for microlithography and method for generating microlithographic images patent, US-7018392-B2: Hemostatic system for body cavities patent, US-7354188-B2: Gear pump having input and output screw shafts with a decreasing flight depth toward a gear section in transfer mix areas patent, US-7448290-B2: Twin-clutch transmission patent, US-7592370-B2: Fatty acid treatment for cardiac patients patent, US-8256742-B2: Manual to automatic valve conversion device patent, US-8374425-B2: Method of chromatic classification of pixels and method of adaptive enhancement of a color image patent, US-7175623-B2: Cervical plate with backout protection patent, US-7242638-B2: Method and system for synthetic aperture sonar patent, US-7753303-B2: Rotary shaft impactor patent, US-7846882-B2: Electrical oil formulation patent, US-7952067-B2: Methods for detecting vitamin C by mass spectrometry patent, US-8189059-B2: Digital camera and digital camera system patent, US-8382305-B2: Backlight unit and display device using the same patent, US-7273027-B2: Startup-time control apparatus and stop-time control apparatus of internal combustion engine, and control methods thereof, and record medium patent, US-7549429-B2: Ultrasonic washing device patent, US-7751498-B2: Semiconductor device and driving method thereof patent, US-8122697-B1: Leaf cutting apparatus patent, US-8348319-B2: Grapple attachment for use with drill pipes patent, US-7096560-B2: Method of making a configurable mount patent, US-8175216-B2: Shift register circuit patent, US-8469187-B2: Watertight stretch covering skin for smokeless tobacco cans patent, US-7230413-B2: Flexible current sensor patent, US-7608409-B2: Screening assay using G-protein coupled receptor protein OT7T175 patent, US-8387724-B2: Rotary drill bit with nozzles designed to enhance hydraulic performance and drilling fluid efficiency patent, US-6991541-B2: Lottery ticket distribution system patent, US-7211823-B2: Organic light emitting device structure for obtaining chromaticity stability patent, US-7233647-B2: Radiation window and method of manufacture patent, US-7249995-B2: Apparatus and method for feeding slurry patent, US-7507040-B2: Retractable lens system patent, US-7884701-B2: External barrier operator device patent, US-8091816-B2: Round cotton module opener patent, US-7141978-B2: Microfluidic device with multiple microcoil NMR detectors enabling fluidic series communication patent, US-7526685-B2: Application manager for monitoring and recovery of software based application processes patent, EP-1826561-A1: A substrate, a method for quantification of a target substance patent, US-7519373-B2: System and method for geo-location of mobile appliances using diverse standard tasking and reporting patent, US-8228315-B1: Methods and systems for a virtual input device patent, US-7645082-B2: Dot head and method of manufacturing armature structure for dot head patent, US-7581549-B2: Method for removing carbon-containing residues from a substrate patent, US-7950095-B2: Gangway and method for manufacturing same patent, US-8272787-B2: Connector enclosure patent, US-6875155-B2: Automatic splitter and governor control for manually shifted transmission patent, US-7225595-B2: Door patent, US-7402423-B2: Apparatus for the detection of pepsin patent, US-7942568-B1: Active micromixer using surface acoustic wave streaming patent, US-8152797-B2: Electromagnetic energy output system patent, US-8450931-B2: Process for minimizing electromigration in an electronic device patent, US-6914476-B2: High bandwidth, high PSRR, low dropout voltage regulator patent, US-8355860-B2: Methods and systems for assisted direct start control patent, US-7541141-B2: Method of using estrogen-related receptor alpha (ERRα) status to determine prognosis, treatment strategy and predisposition to breast cancer, and method of using ERRα as a therapeutic target for the treatment of breast cancer patent, US-7641865-B2: Flow control through plural, parallel connecting channels to/from a manifold patent, US-7896045-B2: Apparatus for delivering air through powered axle assemblies patent, US-8396841-B1: Method and system of multi-level and multi-mode cloud-based deduplication patent, US-8527109-B2: Method and apparatus for managing an energy consuming load patent, US-7195215-B2: Suspension arm patent, US-7779294-B2: Power-safe disk storage apparatus, systems, and methods patent, US-7957789-B2: Therapy delivery system including a navigation element patent, US-7985414-B2: Polyurethanes for osteoimplants patent, US-6903090-B2: Substituted azepino[4,5b]indole derivatives patent, US-7466406-B2: Analyte detection using nanowires produced by on-wire lithography patent, US-7526172-B2: Splitter modules for fiber distribution hubs patent, US-8014282-B2: Hashing packet contents to determine a processor patent, US-7407679-B2: Use of cationic preservative in food products patent, US-7520980-B2: Bioreactor system for multi-stage biological wastewater treatment patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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